Ordering – step by step from swab to vaccine

A number of diseases are caused by bacterial or viral pathogens. Samples from these diseased animals serve as the basis for the development of a customised vaccine for the respective population. We offer the production of your stock-specific vaccine in our class C, B and A clean rooms. It includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Taking samples from the diseased animal for microbiological testing.

The samples should be sent to the veterinary laboratory as quickly as possible, refrigerated and securely packaged. Swabs should be used for bacteriological tests. You can find information on this in our sampling plan. Link follows!

Step 2 – laboratory diagnostic analysis

For a bacteriological examination, a preliminary result can be prepared the day after the sample is received in the laboratory. Using the latest technology, the pathogens sent in can be typed very precisely.

The laboratory requires at least 24 hours for virological analyses.

Once the bacterial and virological tests have been completed, a final report is drawn up which serves as the basis for the selection of suitable vaccine isolates.

Step 3 – Selection of vaccine isolates

Our selection of available vaccine isolates has expanded over time. The choice of the appropriate isolate depends on factors such as the type of disease and individual health characteristics. Careful evaluation of efficacy and tolerability is critical to an optimal vaccine strategy to promote the health of your herd.