• Animal health
    through innovation

    Animal health
    through innovation

Avicare+ GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 with the aim of creating innovative solutions to improve animal health. Our Avicare+ team identifies practical challenges and their root causes, analyzing potential solutions on a project-specific and practical basis. This approach leads to the development of tailored products that sustainably enhance the health status of livestock populations.

Why Avicare+

Our laboratory diagnostics encompass a wide range of tests tailored specifically to the needs of veterinary medicine. We conduct these diagnostics in our own laboratory, enabling fast and reliable analysis. Rely on our expertise and technical equipment to obtain precise results and make informed decisions regarding the health of your animals.

Note! The cornerstone of successful diagnosis lies in high-quality sample collection. Guidance on this can be found in our sample collection plan.

Our herd-specific vaccines offer tailored protection for various animal populations, including poultry, pigs, cattle, rabbits, fish, and animals in zoological gardens. By customizing the vaccine formulation to the specific needs and risks of an animal population, we maximize the immune response and minimize potential health risks. Rely on our expertise to effectively protect your animal population from diseases and promote the health of your animals.

Our Individual Solutions

Vaccines with individual effects tailored to your population

By analyzing samples from your population, we respond specifically to existing disease risks and develop the appropriate vaccines accordingly. These vaccines maximize the immune response and effectively contribute to the protection and health of your animals. The individual vaccines reduce potential disease outbreaks and optimize the health and reproductive capacity of your animal population.